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Abigail Armstrong

Dena Kaplan

“You people with your feelings are seriously messed up.”

Abigail’s Second Year at the Academy is about being pulled in different directions. She wants to be the ice-queen, but with the manipulative Grace working the others, she can’t sit by idly. As for ballet, Abigail works harder than ever but still finds herself flailing. It’s actually Ethan who recognises that Abigail is extremely talented in dance forms other than ballet; and as she comes to see it, they grow closer than ever before.

Ethan Karamakov

Tim Pocock

“Urban dictionary defines “toolie” as a person who has left school but is unable to let it go. So… Hello. My name is Ethan and I am a Toolie.”

After turning down a contract with the National Ballet Company Ethan graduated from Third Year with lots of plans but no firm prospects. When his father offers him a job choreographing with the Academy, he takes it. He could learn a lot if he could just swallow his pride… The break-up with Tara still stings, but he makes a surprising new ally in Abigail, whom he discovers is a much deeper, more passionate person than he ever suspected.

Tara Webster

Xenia Goodwin

“If you want a happy ending, that depends of course on where you stop the story”. Comment: Please stop being emo… (Sammy Lieberman)

In first year, Tara got everything she wanted. Top Marks. Best friends. Love. Second Year should be a piece of cake! She’s also seriously excited that the world’s most prestigious ballet competition – the Prix de Fonteyn – will be held in Sydney. But Tara’s dream of competing goes awry when she clashes majorly with new teacher, Saskia Duncan. And will dancing be enough to get her through when her best friend falls in love with her boyfriend?

Sammy Lieberman

Tom Green

“Now available for hire from all independent retailers.”

When his father refuses to continue paying the Academy fees, Sammy is left with no choice but to work long hours as a kitchen-hand. With his gruelling schedule, Sammy soon finds himself zombie-like and fails the midsemester assessments. Enter Oliver, a third year student assigned to help him retake his exams. But when Sammy learns Oliver is gay and likes him, will Sammy be able to accept he might feel the same way?

Grace Whitney

Issi Durant

“Bored now…”

Grace is an Australian girl who has been training at the Royal Ballet School in London for the last few years. Although “training” is the wrong word for Grace; it all comes so easily that it doesn’t seem like work. The moment Grace enters the studio everyone can see that the barre for excellence has been raised. But Grace is manipulative and charms everyone around her to get what she wants – especially her godmother Miss Raine.

Christian Reed

Jordan Rodrigues

“Is subverting your expectations…”

Christian began First Year under the duress of a bail condition and left it having found the place where he most belonged. His friendship with Tara also deepened into a full-blown relationship. He returns to the Academy happy, centred and ready for Second Year. But when Tara goes one step too far and meddles with his broken family life, its splitsville… And then Christian finds himself kissing the one person who’s off limits – Kat.

Ben Tickle

Thomas Lacey

“Putting it out there – who wants to go thirds in a goat?”

Benjamin Tickle is a breath of fresh air at the Academy. He’s like a puppy – lots of energy, short attention span and the potential to lick you if he likes you enough. He’s also very good at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time…not great boyfriend material! At first Ben has quite the crush on Kat but in the long run, it’s Tara who steals his heart. But Ben also has a secret – which drives him to work harder than anyone at the Academy.

Kat Karamakov

Alicia Banit

”2pm. Just woke up and found a receipt in my bag for seventeen burgers. It’s going to be good day!”

No longer at the Academy, Kat settles down into the proper family life she never had. The only problem is that now she’s not a dancer, who is she? After Kat experiences the dance world outside the Academy, she surprises herself – she wants to go back! But when she falls for her best friend’s boyfriend, she realises that getting back in and staying at the Academy is not the only challenge she’ll face this year.